Anita Ashcroft MIT Becomes New Chairman of IOT

September 30, 2016
Institute of Trichologists

We would like to welcome Anita Ashcroft MIT as our new Chairman for The Institute of Trichologists.

Anita qualified with the Institute in 2004 after receiving 3 distinctions during her training and the first student to receive the John Mason Award for Excellence. During her years in clinical practice she had worked at Philip Kingsley’s clinic and runs her own successful trichology clinic in North Wales. In 2008 she was elected on to the Board of Directors for the Institute and had been our Chair of Ethics up until her new recent role.

It is the end of an era for the Institute with Marilyn Sherlock and Barbara Kemp stepping down from their positions of Chairman and Vice Chair this year. Marilyn passed her final IOT exams in 1985 gaining the Macdonald Award for best student of the year. She has been in clinical practice in Salisbury since that time and is a member of the Academy of Experts involving legal work. Marilyn was voted in as chairman in 1998 and has held the post for 18 years. She has been involved in much radio and TV work promoting the IOT and she has been the main provider for our contractual work as we are a self-funded Institute. Marilyn has worked tirelessly all this time upholding the ethics of the IOT.

Barbara Kemp FIT passed her IOT exams in 1993 working in the Brixton clinic until it closed in 1996. When John Firmage and Keith Hobbs opened the Battersea clinic, Barbara helped them and together continued to train the students at that venue where she was with them for eight years. In 2004 she was asked to take on the role of Director of Education and was subsequently voted in as Vice Chairman. Barbara’s hard work instigated the opening of the present training centre in Tooting. This, with the help of her husband Peter, involved much preparation and hard work, working long hours for the Institute over the last 12 years. Barbara also stepped down from the post of Director of Education this year. She was awarded a fellowship in 2011 and was presented with her certificate in 2013.

Both Marilyn and Barbara will be greatly missed however we can assure them the Board will continue to work hard promoting the IOT.

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