Institute of Trichologists Research Partnership

Annual Psychodermatology UK January 2019, St Thomas Hospital, London

Thursday 24th January 2019

Board member Lisa Gilbey MIT and Clinical Tutor Stephanie Moore AIT attended this annual event at the Governor’s Hall at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London along with many dermatologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals.

The event was hosted by well-respected dermatologists Dr Janet Angus, Dr Susannah Baron and Dr Tony Bewley where the psychological element of patients suffering with many different forms of cutaneous disorders like eczema and psoriasis, additional to hair related alopecia areata and trichotillomania were discussed.

The objective of this event is for lecturers to share their research into the psychological impact on skin and hair disorders of their consented patients. They disclosed their data of how and what treatment methods they have been implying to improve the psychological wellbeing for these patients.

One particular support group “The Eczema Outreach Support Programme” informed us about their Scottish organisation expanding out to help others in the rest of the UK last September 2018.

The EOS offers support and advice for children, teenagers and families going through their daily routines such as school and social events with this chronic condition. For more information on EOS or if you want to become a member please visit

Many sponsors at this event were able to share details of their new skin products such as their prescription only medication (POM) psoriasis treatments. Sponsors of the day included many pharmaceutical companies: Abbvie, Almirall, Celgene, CeraVe/La Roche Posay, Janssenn-Cilaag, Leo, Novartis and Sanofi.