The Institute of Trichology & World Trichology Society pledge to join forces to put the profession on the international map

Two globally leading trichology institutions, the UK’s Institute of Trichologists (IoT) and US-based World Trichology Society (WTS), have come together in a first-time partnership to help raise awareness of trichology and share vital resources to encourage and educate students worldwide.

And, with two of the industry’s most inspiring and progressive experts behind the exciting new collaboration – WTS Founder and President Dr David Kingsley and IoT Chairwoman Eva Proudman MIT IAT there is little doubt that this new international platform will showcase the objective of “Working Together makes us Stronger” in terms of profile raising and building up the science of trichology.


Profile: Dr David Kingsley, Founder of the World Trichology Society

Though he has been living in the USA for 40 years, Dr David Kingsley is a British trichologist who has been a prominent and key player in the industry for several decades. Qualifying from the Institute of Trichologists in 1980, he was later made a Fellow in 1999. Dr Kingsley then spent several years working with his father, esteemed ‘hair doctor’ Philip Kingsley (1930-2016).

In 1994, Dr Kingsley founded his own trichology clinic – and reputation – in New York City with the aim of bringing the British science of trichology to a wider audience in the USA. Now residing in Florida, in 2010 he founded the World Trichology Society with a vision to educate American trichology students and raise the educational standards for trichology across the USA. Eleven years later, the WTS is the biggest trichology body in the world with over 500 members. All training courses are run online and are translated into several languages which means that WTS is also able to welcomes many overseas students. Though WTS has made tremendous strides, Dr Kingsley is always keen to expand the recognition of trichology across the USA – and the world. He believes trichology is a crucial – and unique – bridge between cosmetology and dermatology which can improve aspects of people’s mental and physical health in equal measure.

Speaking exclusively to the press team of the UK’s Institute of Trichologists, Dr Kingsley commented;

“I am really proud to announce the partnership between the Institute of Trichologists and the World Trichology Society. I really do believe that by pooling our resources we can have a real impact on the expansion and improvement of trichology services worldwide.”


Profile: Eva Proudman MIT IAT, Chairwoman of the Institute of Trichologists

Eva has over 20 years’ experience and is recognised across the UK as one of the industry’s most sought-after hair specialists. She has a growing media profile and, alongside her busy clinical practice (10 clinics across the UK), is regularly approached to assist and advise on issues relating to professional development, patient wellbeing and product research and development.

After serving as Vice Chair, Eva has recently taken on the position of Chair of the Institute of Trichologists, the leading UK industry body for trichology founded in 1902. Eva is responsible for the overall growth and development of the IoT, proudly representing every member of the Institute and acting as a ‘voice’ for the industry. Currently, Eva is very involved in the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accreditation process on behalf of the Institute and is working extremely hard towards this to ensure trichology achieves the ultimate objective of becoming recognised as an allied health care profession.

Talking of the new collaboration with the WTS, Eva says; “Trichology offers a very unique and much needed service for both the general public and our UK Health Services, with research figures suggesting that 1 in 2 people will suffer with some kind of hair loss in their lifetime. Trichology can really help to take the pressure off our NHS Doctors whilst providing the very highest standard of service and treatment to help those suffering with hair and scalp issues.  We see the hair and scalp every day; it is a limited area of the anatomy which is why trichologists are so vital in providing this much needed specialised service.  We work closely and collaboratively with GP’s and Dermatologists to ensure that when medical intervention is required, we provide all of the information necessary to make the patient experience as seamless as possible.

The role of the Trichologist is both diverse and challenging; often patients are very distressed by their hair and scalp problems and it is the most rewarding experience to be able to really help these people take control back and to see that there is a positive way forward with accurate diagnosis, treatment plans and hair and scalp management.

The Institute of Trichologists provides continuous professional development for each and every Member to ensure that their skills and knowledge are cutting edge to ensure the highest and safest clinical experience for all patients.

The majority of our members are based in the UK, however we do have a significant international membership as well. Being able to work closely with the WTS will allow us to utilise the strengths of each organisation, for example offering clinical training opportunities for students and securing the very best speakers and tutors for the membership.

I have always believed that Working Together makes us Stronger; we all have valid contributions and experiences to share and to have the opportunity to work with Dr Kingsley to further unite the Trichology community can only benefit everyone concerned.”


A collaborative partnership

Dr Kingsley recently reunited with the IoT when Eva became Chair. A conversation between the two of them about the future of trichology across the globe led to the idea of a collaboration with the WTS and the IoT. Both parties have since become very enthusiastic and optimistic about the partnership due to the huge benefits that can be reaped on both sides of the Atlantic.

Joining forces will enable the two institutions to share each other’s resources (e.g. webinars, educational materials) in order to give students a more well-rounded Trichological education and encourage them to join both the IoT and the WTS. Furthermore, this partnership will enable both UK and US-based trichologists to understand how trichology practices differ/remain the same in different countries, all with the aim of improving services and education.

As a result of this collaboration, Eva has recently joined the WTS and will participate in the upcoming WTS Virtual Summit on Sunday 16th May as one of over 30 renowned speakers. In addition, Dr Kingsley and Eva are embarking on an ambitious new venture which will take the form of a ‘World Congress’ of trichology organisations, something which has never been done before.

It is hoped that the WTS will be able to host the first of these congresses in Orlando, Florida in 2022, with the IoT set to host the next event in the UK in 2024. The aim is to encourage many other similar trichology bodies worldwide to sign up to the congress to create a hub of learning, inspiration and kinship in the global field of trichology.

Both the IoT and the WTS are equally enthusiastic about their new partnership and are keen to see how it will benefit the study and practice of trichology worldwide, as well as raising awareness of this vital scientific practice among the general public who may be struggling with hair and scalp conditions.