Annual Psychodermatology UK Seminar at the Royal College of Physicians, London

Thursday 26th January 2017

Board Members Anita Ashcroft, Tracey Walker, Deborah Heal, Lisa Gilbey and former Vice Chair Barbara Kemp attended this annual event at this prestigious venue.

Many of today’s lectures were about the psychology side of patients experiencing many skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. It was noted that one-third of all dermatology appointments are of psychological needs due to their condition and the way it affects their quality of daily life. Of course, budget is a problem across the country as not everywhere can provide a Psychodermatology clinic to help patients with this side of their condition. Treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has proven to help people with their feelings on dealing with the conditions they suffer from. Nicola Salmon was one of the lecturers and explained how she is setting up a Psychodermatology clinic in Edinburgh.

Lecturers Jon Goulding, Richard Jerrom, Helen Mortimer, Maria- Angeliki Gkini and Joao Machado Nogueira (travelled from Portugal) all gave case histories and how they helped their patients with Delusional Infestation. They shared the different ways that they helped treat this condition for each of their patients.

Henrietta Spalding, Head of Advocacy at Changing Faces shared with us the charity’s new online psychosocial training module to improve the knowledge and confidence of health care professionals working with patients with skin conditions. Changing Faces supports children, young people and adults with disfigurements. They encourage everyone that they can live life to the full and face disfigurement with confidence. A survey has been produced to investigate all aspects of living with a condition, mark or scar that affects their appearance.

Additional to the lectures, the IOT had opportunity to network with the trading stands, enquiring about new products or medications to help patients suffering with skincare problems. Stands included; Neutrogena with their skincare range, Mirvaso for acne treatment, Soolantra for rosacea, Sterlara for arthritic psoriasis and Cetraben. Otezla also attended, introducing their oral medication for psoriasis sufferers, changing the way they can treat the condition. This POM oral medication will be suitable for adult patients who failed to respond to, or have contraindications, or are intolerant to previous treatments such as cyclosporine, methotrexate or psoralen and PUVA. It also stated that it sustained efficacy in psoriasis to include pruritis, nail and scalp disease and quality of life.