Concerns About A Trichologist

The Institute of Trichologists has two councils (the IEC and the RC) in order to safeguard the general public, patients and uphold the profession of Trichology. Both Councils are independent, but are required to work within strict processes and guidance. Their findings are reported directly to the IOT Board of Directors and do not require ratification from the Board. 

We look into concerns and complaints about Trichologists on our register that are made by patients, their families, members of the public or other healthcare professionals, including from fellow Trichologists. 

For the protection of patients and the general public, all registrants must adhere to our Code of Professional Practice and ethics. This ensures that clinics and practitioners offer only the very highest standard of consultation and treatments or treatment advice.

The Independent Ethics Council (IEC)

The IEC investigates all complaints made against IOT registered Trichologists in the UK, in order to either help resolve a dispute or determine whether there is a ‘case to answer’; in which case the matter will be referred to the registration Council (RC).


Richard Hardy (Lay council member)
Pauline Brady (Lay council member)
Dave Goulden (Lay council member)
Susie Hammond MIT (IOT Trichologist)

The Registration Council (RC) 

The RC considers complaints against IOT registered Trichologists referred to it by the IEC. The Council can decide whether to determine a complaint by a public hearing or by private written submissions of evidence. If a Trichologist is found to be of ‘unacceptable professional conduct’ or ‘professional incompetence’ the council can:

  • Written warning – Caution the Trichologist with a formal written warning which will remain on file a period of time, to be determined by the panel.
  • Conditions of Practice Order – place a restriction, or conditions, on the Trichologist’s registration (for example, that the Trichologist works under supervision or has further training). There may also be a requirement to return to panel for review.
  • Suspension order – suspend the Trichologist’s registration for a period of time, to be determined by the panel.
  • Removal from the Register – The Trichologist’s name is removed from the register permanently.


Sharon Aldridge-Bent MBE (Lay Chair)
Elaine Burrell MCIPD (Lay council member)
Beverley Regis (Lay council member)
Caroline Sheldon (Lay council member)
Ralitsa Bozhinova MIT (IOT Trichologist)

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