Research In Trichology

The Institute of Trichologists is the foremost professional association for trichologists in the World, the largest provider of trichology training in Europe and the longest established body of its type (see history).

Alopecia Areata Epidemiology

PROFESSOR ANDREW MESSENGER MD FRCP A study on the epidemiology of alopecia areata in the UK has recently been published in the British Journal of Dermatology [1]. It is currently online only but due to appear in print in the

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Dupilumab in Alopecia Areata

PROFESSOR ANDREW MESSENGER MD FRCP There are an increasing number of case reports and small case series describing hair regrowth following treatment with the monoclonal antibody drug dupilumab. Dupilumab is licensed for treating atopic dermatitis and the original observations were

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First Grey Hair Gene is Discovered

March 2016 The Institute of Trichologists’ Vice President Professor Tobin recently collaborated in an international study that reported on the discovery of several genes associated with hair traits, including the first grey hair gene. The study was lead by UCL

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September 2014

The Institute of Trichologists are a partner to The Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership and are supporting the facilitation of this process in order to help identify the top 10 priorities, which will help to further research in to hair

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