Our Press Panel

The Institute of Trichologists has a Press Panel, consisting of a selection of our members. Each unique press panel is used for 6 monthly rotation periods. Find out more about out current IoT Press Panel Below.

Elearnore Richardson MIT

Specialities: Afro and ethnic hair and scalp conditions

With a masters in Natural Sciences and a focus on afro and ethnic hair and scalp conditions, Eleanore’s passion as a Trichologist is to provide inclusive and expert diagnosis and treatment options for black and ethnic hair types and skin tones, founded in a scientific and holistic approach to health.

“I want to challenge our cultural and styling norms to reduce the huge numbers of preventable hair loss cases that I see in our clinic on a daily basis.”

Richard Spencer MIT

Specialities: Help and advice on any subject

Richard Spencer became a qualified consultant and registered member of the institute of trichologists (M.I.T.) in 1981 and took over the practice in 1983, forming “The Spencer Clinic of Trichology Ltd. His knowledge, leadership and experience enhances his all-round ability to perform and practise to the highest standards.

Sara Alkazraji MIT

Specialities: Education surrounding Trichology

Sara is a specialist in Trichology & Scalp Micropigmentation and owner of Ilkley Moor Trichology clinic. With extensive experience in the education sector she has a real passion for teaching, training, learning and assessment.

Quality Education  = Quality Trichology

Victoria Scott MIT

Specialities: Patient Care

Victoria has over 25 years’ experience within the hair sector. Patient care and support is her main aim in clinic. A holistic approach, with an emphasis on duty of care for a patient’s education, regarding the area of concern is paramount.

“Educate and empower your patients, so they may make better choices”

Victoria has a real thirst for up-to-date science backed treatments, and CPD is always at the forefront of her clinic – East Coast Trichology, Lincolnshire.