Make a Complaint

This section provides information on how to complain about a Trichologist.

Before You Start

We can only consider complaints against Trichologists registered with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT Trichologists) – you can check on our search function on this page.

We advise you read the Institute’s Complaints Policy in full before making a complaint.

How to Make a Complaint

If you are concerned that someone may be falsely calling themselves an IOT Trichologist, misrepresenting their membership or level of qualification, providing a level of service that may be of an unprofessional nature, or whose practice and conduct falls below the standards expected of them please fill out the form below. 

Anyone can make a complaint or raise a concern about an IOT registered Trichologist. This includes patients, their families, members of the public and other healthcare professionals, including fellow Trichologists.

All IOT registered Trichologist must have a Customer Complaints Procedure in their practice and should deal with complaints promptly and fairly. In the first instance,  you should raise the issue with the  Trichologist using their complaints procedure. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint was  dealt you that you have the right to complain to the IOT.

We appreciate that you might prefer to contact us straight away. To do so, please continue reading this page to find out how.

  • Treatment, care or advice given by an IOT Trichologist
  • Any aspect of the professional or personal behaviour of an IOT Trichologist
  • The physical or mental health of an IOT Trichologist
  • Complaints against clinics or companies – this is because the IOT regulate individual people, who are registered IOT Trichologists
  • Refund of fees/payment matters
  • Compensation requests

To file a complaint, or to let us know about a concern you have regarding an IOT registered Trichologist, please fill out and submit the form below.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly through our Registrar and Communications Manager on

Complain about a Registered Trichologist

Complete the form to complain about a registered Trichologist. 

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