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Being a Trichologist in our organisation involves annually subscribing as a registrant and adhering to our strict code of Professional Practice and Ethics which ensures that all registrants uphold patient safety as their number one priority. All registrants have undergone education programmes to qualify as a Trichologist. The education programmes cover scientific and medical aspects to help diagnose all hair loss/thinning/hair shaft disorders and scalp problems.

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Classes of Registration

AIT Trichologists (Associate of the Institute of Trichologists)

For registration, AIT Trichologists have either:

– Completed the Level Five Diploma in Clinical Trichology (2.5 years). This qualification is accredited by the Institute of Trichologists and NCFE, one of the UK’s largest technical and vocational awarding organisations. 
– Or, have completed equivalent education qualifications, then (if required) completed further qualifications to achieve the Level Five Diploma in Clinical Trichology.

*Pre 2021 graduates completed a qualification accredited by the Institute of Trichologists only.

MIT Trichologists (Member of the Institute of Trichologists)

In order to progress to MIT status, registrants successfully complete the IOT ‘Preceptorship’ (a ‘flexible’ developmental scheme, 6 – 24 months). A specific and supportive education programme designed to:

– To facilitate and support the transition of a newly qualified trichologist.
– To facilitate the application of new knowledge and skills.
– To raise awareness of the standards and competencies required to achieve and support to achieve these.
– To provide constructive feedback on performance. 

FIT Trichologists (Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists)

Awarded by invitation at the discretion of the Board following outstanding contributions to the IOT or by submitting Trichology related academic research.

Int Aff. (UK) (International Affiliate) 

Awarded to trichologist outside the UK (who do not hold either of the above grades of registration). They have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Board a professional knowledge of the science of the hair and scalp, evidenced by educational achievement and experience. They are required to abide by the IOT’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. 

Indemnity insurance is a requirement of registration for all registrants.

“Special Interests”. All registrants are able to accept patients for the diagnosis of hair and scalp conditions. Where appropriate, treatment plans can then be recommended. If required, further referral can be advised. Registrants may list ‘special interests’ as a particular area of trichology that is either of particular interest to them, or that they have particular experience of.

A trichologist looking at a scalp with a Trichoscope
A Trichologist looking at a scalp with a Trichoscope and conducting a consultation