Meet the Board

The Institute of Trichologists has a board of directors made  up of 9 committed Trichologists, all with different unique specialities, who are responsible for the development and maintenance of different aspects of the Institute, with our Members at the forefront of everything we do.

Eva Proudman MIT IAT – Chairman

Eva’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Eva is responsible for the overall growth and development of the Institute of Trichologists, and representing every member of the Institute. Eva is very involved in the PSA accreditation process of the Institute, working extremely hard towards getting us accredited.

Eva’s Professional Background

Eva qualified as a Trichologist and graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to her studies. Eva is a highly sought after Hair Specialist and with over 18 years experience working in her field, her knowledge about hair is unquestionable. She diagnoses the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers both industry professional and consumers, specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions. Eva is recognised across the UK as one of the industry’s most-wanted hair-guru and is regularly approached to assist the media and large corporations with research and development.

What Eva brings to the Institute…

…In her own words
“I bring a passion for raising awareness of hair and scalp problems and how and where to seek advice and treatment.  As a Member of the Institute of Trichologists I am committed to promoting the work that we all do in supporting and helping the 8 million women and 7 million men in the UK with hair and scalp problems.  I have a thirst for knowledge and believe that continued professional development is absolutely key to having an effective Trichology clinic, I have lots of energy and enthusiasm in building development opportunities for each all of our membership.”

Liam Byrne MIT – Vice Chairman

Liam’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Liam is the IoT’s Vice Chairman, and is responsible for Commercial Management and Financials. He is tasked with finding best returns for members.

Liam’s Professional Background

Liam Vice Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists has received training in all aspects of scalp and hair science care and has been practising Trichology for over 17 years. Liam is a member of the Institute of Trichologists and serves as a Governor on the board.

What Liam brings to the Institute…

As a Trichologist, Liam understands the negative effects that scalp and hair can have on a client’s physical and mental well-being and is motivated in not just helping clients deal with these issues, but also in educating them about how best to take care and prevent these issues in the future.

Tracey Walker FIT – Director of Education

Tracey’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Tracey is our Director of Education, and is responsible for Education Development, Delivery and Accreditation.

Tracey’s Professional Background

Tracey has been involved with hair for over 35 years, firstly as a hairdresser then as a consultant Trichologist. Tracey comes from a hairdressing background but was always more interested in hair health – this fuelled her passion for trichology which remains strong today. Tracey is passionate about education and sharing her knowledge with students.

What Tracey brings to the Institute…

Tracey is particularly keen to pass on her knowledge of the hair and scalp and regularly keeps up to date with current knowledge and research by attending the Institute’s Annual Continual Professional Development Seminars, the European and World Hair Research Society meetings, Psychodermatology meetings and other opportunities which present themselves. The knowledge acquired is a valuable asset whilst tutoring Institute students.

Shirley McDonald MIT – Director

Shirley’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Shirley is responsible for all Complaints, and is the Compliments Process Manager. Shirley also became the IoT Representative on the Dermatology Council in 2017.

Other members of the DCE are from dermatology related professional bodies such as Icthyosis, Poriasis Association, Birth Mark Support and Eczema Outreach as well as industry representatives and political groups.

The main purpose is to add to the collective voices in this diverse dermatology community and to ensure the needs of our patients and members inform future development and delivery to the relevant government and professional bodies.

The DCE aims to: 

  • Raise the profile of dermatology within the NHS.
  • Raise awareness of the impact of skin conditions on people’s lives. 
  • Encourage education and training amongst health care professionals. 
  • Improve access to dermatology services across the UK.

Meetings are held twice a year (May and November) in Central London at the British Association of Dermatology’s office and membership is on a voluntary basis.

Shirley’s Professional Background

Shirley qualified as a Consultant Trichologist in 1991, and started her journey in a private clinic in Birmingham before moving to London to train at the Institute of a trichology (IOT). Shirley’s approach to trichology is holistic with attention given to factors like lifestyle, diet & hair care. She deals with all hair types including Afro at her two practices and has 30 years of teaching experience.

What Shirley brings to the Institute…

In her own words…
“I treat all hair types including those with Afro hair at my Hendon practice and I also work for the IOT as a clinical tutor.  Alongside this I am a board director with responsibility for professional practice and ethics (Chair of Ethics).  I have been featured in a number of journals including Business Insider and appeared on different news items for both BBC and ITV news”.

Neil Harvey MIT – Director

Neil’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Neil is hugely involved in our PSA Accreditation, Representing Membership Appraisal, Education and Audit.

Neil’s Professional Background

Neil has been involved in the hair sector since the early 80’s – you could almost say it’s become part of his DNA. Neil has become an avid contributor to many online articles, blogs and various hair loss websites (esp. during lockdown!). He has had the privilege of providing professional advice and support for numerous hairpiece manufactures and suppliers and their clients, as well as on-going clinical support for many patients of hair transplant surgeons and educational and advisory support for various companies, inc: Medicauticals and Oway. There really are so many ‘paths’ to follow – once you’ve established a firm knowledge and understanding.

What Neil brings to Institute…

…In his own words
“Like many of us – I have witnessed first-hand the impact that hair loss and scalp concerns can have for both men and women, affecting confidence and well-being – and this is why I am proud to be a Member and Director for ‘The Institute of Trichologists’. It is a truly rewarding experience to be involved with ’The Institute’ – and to meet so many passionate, knowledgeable and caring people; and it’s so encouraging to see a new generation of Trichologists eager to continue offering help and support for patients who may have nowhere else to turn to.

I believe this is the beginning of a new age for ’The Institute’ – we have already passed through many ‘evolutions’ – but with continued care, integrity and diligence, this next few years will be an exciting opportunity for all members to help increase the dynamic reach of Trichology further into the field of professional health care – and this is what I am proud to contribute to in my role at the Institute.”

Lorraine Turvey MIT – Director

Lorraine’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Lorraine is responsible for Educational Protocols and is our Accreditation Specialist.

Lorraine’s Professional Background

Lorraine has worked in hairdressing for 50 years, 30 of them as a trichologist. Lorraine qualified as a Trichologist in 1992, has her own clinic and works as a hair designer, and she is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and holds a licence for mixing preparations and treatments.

What Lorraine brings to Institute…

Lorraine is passionate about education and holds qualifications in both teaching and assessing.  Lorraine has been involved in medical research projects, as well as conducting clinical trials to prove efficacy of treatment for product development.  Lorraine operates from the Hairconsortium in Melksham.

Anita Ashcroft MIT – Director

Anita’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Anita is responsible for CPD Planning and Funding. She has also been tasked with Member Development.

Anita’s Professional Background

Anita Ashcroft MIT was the Chairman of The Institute of Trichologists since 2016, before stepping down in November 2020. She qualified with distinction in 1999 and was also awarded the John Mason award for Excellence.

What Anita brings to Institute…

Anita’s vision and objectives has been to lead the Institute through the 21st Century by increasing its educational reach, implementing professional standards and ensuring that the inherited values and ethics of the Institute are maintained at all times.

As part of this vision Anita has expanded the Institute of Trichologists CPD event from 1 day to 2 days of complete education and inspiration that will translate into each and every Trichologists clinical practice.  Anita has for the first time opened up the events of The Institute of Trichologists to a wider Trichology audience as a first step towards achieving professional standards and regulation for the profession that she is so passionate about.

Samantha Stewart MIT – Director

Anita’s Responsibilities with the IOT

Samantha is responsible for assisting with CPD Planning, and is highly involved in the education side of the IOT.

Samantha’s Professional Background

Samantha qualified with distinction from the Institute of Trichologist in 2018 and was awarded the John Firmage award for distinction. She began her career in trichology at The Spencer Clinic 27 years ago, where she became an assistant trichologist working closely with Mr Richard Spencer MIT.

What Samantha brings to Institute…

Samantha is very committed to trichology and ensuring that the public have factual information regarding hair and scalp disorders this has made her a sought after expert for many media articles.